Mz Chianti’s Personalized Ball Crushers

Now how sweet is this?


I have been working closely with two very fine craftsmen who are starting to assist me with a few toy designs and putting new twist into old ideas. I am really excited about this first item – my Personalized Ball Crusher.


Personalized Ball Crusher

Mistress Chianti’s Personalized Ball Crusher  $34.95 (plus shipping)


This is an item I am now offering FOR SALE and can be personalized for you. The etching is not a decal, but actually sandblasted and will not rub off or peel.


Each crusher is made with delicious pain in mind, and yet at the same time takes into account precautionary measures. Rubber stoppers keep the device from completely collapsing (although they are removable for the more inclined!!) Smooth beveled edges guarantee against any roughness in the design. Simple put, if you enjoy CBT, you are going to love this crusher!


These sweet little devices make wonderful and thoughtful gifts for yourself, for your Mistress or an excellent addition to any toybag.


Now for my boys that have those raging hard ons for some good CBT, I expect each of you to pick one of these new toys up – these are shipped directly by me, since they are being made right here in beautiful South Carolina!


Ball Crusher In Action

Here I am using a crusher on a very willing set of balls!

Just a little innocent cigarette play!!!

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2 thoughts on “Mz Chianti’s Personalized Ball Crushers”

  1. Wow, I Love it !!! I wonder if they can do it in raised lettering on the inside….. For a “LASTING IMPRESSION” ;-) Your Breathing Blow-Up Doll

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